Lavender Errands & Personal Services…. “how can we help”

SGC Admin: There are times when we need a little extra help, some folk don’t have family to help take care of everyday chores when they are recovering from surgery or ill…. Some folk feel safer while away when they know there is someone checking on the house for them… some folk are swamped with work, taking care of immediate family matters and may need an extra pair of hands when they are called upon to take on extra, such as helping with an elderly relative… Happily there are companies out there who can offer (for a fee) the support that is needed… We came across such a company in our local paper and are happy to share the information with you… 🙂 Please note SGC staff have not used the following company, if you or a loved one has, we would love to hear how things went for you… 🙂 

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Company Name: Lavender Errands & Personal Services

What they do:

  • Running Errands:
  • Check in on loved ones:
  • Vet or Grooming Appointments:
  • Companionship:
  • Accompaniment to appointments (including medical):
  • House monitoring while house is unoccupied:
  • Assistance with odd jobs while recovering from surgery: 

Contact information: 905-436-3046: email:


source: Whitby This Week July 8 2015 Edition.