Hello Spring 2022 😎🌻


What a glorious time of the year… SPRING, when bunnies get busy, buds burst forth, birds sing and we all feel a strange sense of renewal… 🙂

This year, on March 20, we saw Spring becoming aware that it is time for her to rise… she is still sleepy here in Ontario, Canada… but we know she will waken fully soon… 😊 Our backyard is finally free of snow, after an old fashioned winter.

While the spring brings us a sense of renewal and hope, there are many people in Canada who are still facing challenges due to the ravages of the “Pandemic”. Specifically, those who are banned from traveling within Canada or leaving Canada by plane, boat, train (VIA Rail) or cross province bus.

While the rest of the world continue to drop all mandates, and allow all their citizens the freedom of movement, Canada’s Prime Minister and his Minister Minions hold prisoner within Canada, the Country that they have sworn to serve, a certain “group” of the population.

These are the Unvaccinated (against Covid-19), some are completely free of the medication, while others may have only taken the 1st dose. We aren’t quite sure why Justin Trudeau (The Prime Minister of Canada) chooses to keep this particular group of people under “country arrest”, when according to The Government of Canada website just under 20% of the population remains unvaccinated.


The reasons “they” give are of course “science based”, However, we do not understand how Canadians leaving Canada, can harm or put at risk any Canadian left behind? Is this a new kind of Science? we have been out of school for a hundred years, (well, it feels that way 😉) so it’s possible, maybe????

Some folks may say, “just get vaccinated, then you can travel again”. While this is a true fact, it also underlines in double, the arrogance at the federal level of the Canadian Government. Why, should a Canadian, be subjected to taking, an as yet fully tested brand new technologically advanced medication, for a virus that the young and healthy will fully recover from, should they catch it? And why should they be discriminated against, and denied “Mobility Rights” as outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (section 6).


Those who have, and continue to be discriminated against in Canada, for exercising the right to choose what goes into their bodies, are not just numbers, as they likely appear to the Federal Government personnel, they are living, breathing, laughing, working, caring, intellectual beings. They have families, loved ones, that they cannot be with, they cannot hug them, they cannot be with them to support them in times of need... they have and continue to miss out on happy and joyful celebrations with the people who mean the most to them.

The situation is abhorrent, and needs to come to a swift conclusion.

Those in a position of power who have put this “order” in place, are abusing that power against the people they are supposed to serve. This is not acceptable.

“They” have destroyed people’s lives, and they don’t even care… In a country, that has fought long and hard to be inclusive and accepting, in a country, that spouts EQUALITY for all.

The Federal Government of Canada and the Federal Government of the United States of America.. Have “ganged up” on the unvaccinated Canadians, (under 20% of the population), and refuse them entry into the United States via the longest land boarder in the world. Again, we aren’t quite sure what the issue is, as the state of Florida, under governor Ron Desantis, has remained “covid-19 protocol” free after about a month of the original “pandemic panic button push”. And life has gone on as normal. Sure, there have been cases, however, the majority of the C-19 cases have been in the elderly and those who have underlying medical issues, or lack a healthy diet and life style. 

Again, we ask the question WHY?

As we continue to ask why, by emailing our MP’s, and Justin Trudeau’s office, and as we continue to be denied an answer that actually makes sense and is based on logic, we have no other choice but to assume there is another agenda afoot, one that has nothing to do with anyone’s health or vaccination status…

While we have stated above that our emails to our government bodies go unanswered, we have hope. that some of them are getting through, and some of them are being read by human beings, who have empathy and compassion, maybe, someone who has the means and the power, to be the “adult” in the room and start the process that will put a stop to the madness taking place in Canada. And so, we ask that, if you are as appalled at this situation as we are, please, take a few moments out of your day and express this, either in an email or letter to your MP, MPP’s… and anyone else you can think of.. We will provide a link below for contact information to MPs and Mpps and Senate.

For those outside of Canada, your letters and emails are important too… we appreciate you.. 💚

For our neighbours in the USA, we stand with the trucker/freedom convoy and all the freedom warriors…we ask you to email or write to your governors and ask them to put pressure on President Joe Biden to drop the cross border mandate regarding unvaccinated Canadians. We appreciate you all. 💙


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May common sense, logic, compassion and empathy prevail over ego, selfishness and greed.

 ©Greta McKenzie SGC 03/23/2022

Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022

SGC Admin: Hi Everyone;

As most of you know, there is currently a convoy of trucks, along with many supporters, “nestled” in the down town core of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, near the Houses of Parliament buildings.

It’s a Freedom Convoy, asking that our P.M. Justin Trudeau drop all current federal covid-19 mandates, and that all provincial premiers do like wise. Originally the convoy was began after Justin Trudeau decided, that after 2 years into the “pandemic” unvaccinated truckers pose a risk in some way, and would now need to under go testing and quarantine every time they crossed back into Canada. This also applies to US truckers too.

The support for the truckers grew quickly, which encouraged the truckers to include every Canadian, recognizing the challenges and heartache already being experienced by so many people. The convoy became the Truckers For Freedom Convoy. They come from all over Canada, and are now in the Nations Capital asking that all mandates be dropped, that freedom be returned to all Canadians so life can get back to “normal”.

Currently in Canada a citizen who is not fully vaccinated, can not do the following.

  • Leave Canada
  • Get on a plane, train or bus to move inter provincially
  • Go to a restaurant: Theatre: Bowling Alley: Indoor sporting events: Indoor concerts: Gyms: Bars: and likely some other places too.

Discrimination and Segregation is happening all over Canada, and some believe this is o.k. ?

  • People have been fired from their jobs for exercising the right to choose regarding a new vaccine that hasn’t been time tested.
  • Loved ones and families have been separated.

There are several countries, including the United Kingdom, that have dropped all mandates and are allowing citizens to look after themselves, the way it should be.

  • The vaccine does not stop the spread of the virus, nor does it prevent one from catching the virus.
  • Many Canadians have gone through the usual channels in trying to get our government to listen to us. Our government has refused to do that.
  • We have no opposition party willing to stand up for all Canadians, until now, where we are seeing a few come on “board”.
  • Maxime Bernier of the PPC and members of that party are the ONLY ones who have been behind ALL Canadians from the beginning. 

And so, peaceful people have come together, to unite with one another in the nations capital and all over the country, in the hopes, that finally our government will listen, and give us all our freedom back.

If you have questions regarding the freedom convoy, please see the following links. 


©Greta McKenzie SGC February 9 2022