From our inbox to you from: EarthSky News “Giant sunspot turns towards Earth“

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Giant sunspot turns toward Earth
Sun-watchers have had their eye on giant sunspot AR2529. Check out these photos from the EarthSky community. Aurora alert for April 13!
Kepler is OK! Spacecraft recovered from emergency
Kepler mission engineers still aren’t sure why the planet-hunting spacecraft went into Emergency Mode last week.
Leo? Here’s your constellation
Late March, April and May are good months for identifying Leo the Lion. How to spot it, its history, and the telescopic wonders in this region of the sky.
Tonight … Moon near Gemini stars
Tonight’s moon is approaching stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini the Twins. Pollux is brighter and golden in color. Castor is pure white.
Yes, we still have lunar calendars
Beautiful wall poster gives you moon phases for 2016.

From our inbox to you from Earth Sky News… Moon, Venus and Jupiter align October 7, 8 and 9 2015…

From our inbox to you from Earth Sky News… Moon, Venus and Jupiter align October 7, 8 and 9 2015

Planets over the nebulae in space.  Stock Photo - 44449974 Copyright : Vadim Sadovski

Moon, Venus and Jupiter align before dawn

Watch a great morning drama on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, as the waning moon slides toward the sunrise, past the brightest planets.

How close to sending people to Mars?

There’s now a target date of 2030 for a manned mission to Mars.  How close are we to becoming Martians?

Mars Curiosity rover sends a postcard

If you want to imagine standing on the surface of the Red Planet … look at this spectacular image taken about a month ago.

This date in science:  First planet found orbiting sunlike star

It was 20 years ago today. The planet is designated 51 Pegasi b.

October 2015 guide to the five visible planets

Bright Venus and Jupiter – and fainter Mars – shine close together before dawn. Mercury joins in mid-month. Saturn is the lone evening planet.
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