Dayle’s Switch to a Vegan Diet… come share the journey… :)

SGC Admin: Dayle Lovely, (yes that is her name) 🙂 and she is a very lovely person inside and out … is a long time follower and supporter of SGC, having been a part of the SGC family from the get go, we are so happy to share Dayle’s present journey with you, our readers… 🙂
Dayle, was recently diagnosed with Arthritis, she is a young, vibrant woman, devoted wife and outstanding mum so the news wasn’t very welcome 😦  At first Dayle took the “regular” route of prescribed medication from her doctor to help alleviate the pain so she could move about her day with relative ease. However, after doing her own research and with the guidance of a family member who “suffers” with the same affliction, Dayle decided to change-up her diet.
“We are what we eat” is how the saying goes, which makes sense, seeing as what we eat repairs and builds our cells, muscle, tissue and bone…. and it also makes sense that sometimes, the food we are ingesting can have a negative impact on the whole of our body, (such as in the spread of Cancerous cells) or on specific parts of our bodily makeup.. (such as the make up our blood cells, our muscle strength and bones).
When arthritis attacks the body, it attacks the joint bones and the surrounding tissue… over time the joints become painful and swollen making movement a challenge and sometimes impossible. Arthritis takes away the strength in the affected area’s (such as the gripping motion used to pick up or hold things), along with making the person tired, it causes frustrations and interrupts the regular daily flow of the “victims” life.
Due to her research and her aunt’s guidance, Dayle has embarked upon a “Whole food plant-based diet”… Giving up the meat wasn’t an issue for Dayle, but the other animal products such as cream, eggs and cheese presented another challenge…..
We thought Dayle’s journey may be interesting and helpful for any other folks out there thinking of giving this diet a try, and we asked Dayle if she would share her journey with SGC 🙂 We are happy to report that she is more than happy to share to help others…

Please feel free to comment with your own experiences and to share your own favorite “Whole food, plant-based” recipes in the comments section or send us an email to:


We introduce to you ..

Dayle’s Vegan Journey… 🙂 1st post: April 28 2016

This is the first lunch recipe shared by Dayle with our readers… it is early on in the switch, so as of yet there aren’t    any physical (joint condition and energy levels) changes to report…

 A few people have been wondering what I eat on a whole food, plant-based diet. Here’s today’s lunch.

  • humus,
  • Avocado,
  • Baby spinach,
  • Cilantro,
  • Kale
  • Cucumber
  • on whole grain bread, done Panini style.

I don’t have a Panini pan, so I just used a frying pan, no oil or butter, and toasted the bread with a 5 lb weight on a smaller pan to press it down. (Who knew I could use my weights in the kitchen?!).

The heat makes the humus all melty, giving it a melted cheese consistency. I’ve paired with some cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. I’m still feeling a little peckish, so I’ll follow it up with a couple clementines. That will fill me up nicely.

Prep and cooking time:

It took me about 5 minutes to make this, including the time in the pan. It was delicious!

Dayle… 🙂

Dayles Vegan Diet
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Disclaimer: SGC staff & Dayle Lovely are not responsible for any outcome regarding this diet or recipes given. SGC blog readers are encouraged to do their own research and/or contact their own health care provider regarding any drastic or long term changes to their present diets.