The Sun Enters into Pisces on February 18 2020: 

12 Constellations ------- Pisces Stock Photo - 7615780 Illustrator: Ka Ho Leung

Pisces: Water: Feminine: Mutable: 

Pisces may be one of the difficult signs to deal with… it’s because emotionally Pisces folk get muddled up in everything and everyone… they feel everything, they can connect on a psychic level with other’s because of this… 

Pisces folk are known for being compassionate, they like to help others and may take in more stray people and pets than most of us… However, they can also have a very hard time dealing with some people or more likely the acts of some people. This is because for the most part they see the good in people and are very upset when they find out otherwise, and sometimes just won’t believe it even when it’s right in front of them… And when life gets really “dirty” some Pisceans can turn to escaping reality via alcohol or drugs (prescription drugs included) this can be a dangerous route for some as it’s not unusual for Pisces folk to have odd reactions to prescription medicines and may have a greater chance of becoming addicted. 

Pisces zodiac glyph shows two fish… this indicates a “dual personality”  and may indicate a negative personality in one “personality”. This can bring about negative behaviour such as being overly needy or lying or changing the story to suit the situation.. Deception towards oneself, towards others and from others is a burden that Pisces peeps have to carry… 

We could not take care of all that needs to be taken care of without our Pisces folk, they are the ones who will give you a bed and feed your body and your soul when you need it… they will take in stray cats and dogs and any other stray animal who needs some understanding and loving… and they will be patient with you as you try hard to get back on track they can keep giving over and over again… But take care, they may take you back once or twice or maybe three times, and they may forgive you, but if you keep trying them, they will learn eventually and when they do you better be ready to make it on your own…

Dave, Maureen, Samanatha and Beverly and to all who celebrate a Pisces birthday… 🙂 

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