The Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius

November 22 2019:

Sagittarius zodiac sign of horoscope circle emblem in cartoon style. Stock Vector - 39349488 copyright : VIKTORIIA IGNATEVA


Sagittarius: Fire: Masculine: Mutable:

  • Sagittarius is optimistic and ruled by the planet of  expansion, Jupiter, also known as the “lucky planet” .
  • The enthusiasm of these wonderful people can spread like wildfire, engaging everyone they meet and spreading the wonder of life where ever they go. 🙂
  • Negatively, in thier desire for truth, they can be blunt to point of hurting feelings.. 😦 It which case they may have to put on a “filter” on when dealing in sensitive matters. 
  • Sometimes the quest for “more” can get out of control and become a challenging aspect in close personal relationships, as the desire to experience new places, people and things can be tiring to partners who are of a more sedate nature.
  • Routine can be boring for Sagittarius folk and don’t even think about taking control over their lives.  Don’t try to “hold them to you” as they will either leave you, or the relationship will likely end up being one of misery 
  • The number one need of a Sagittarius is FREEDOM.… Freedom to explore, to learn, to experience… The Freedom to live life to the fullest… 
  • We thank you Sagittarius, for showing us how to have fun and how to laugh at ourselves and your belief that laughter truly is the best medicine…. 🙂
  • Happy Birthday concept with cake design, vector illustration 10 eps graphic. Stock Vector - 46126984 Copyright : Diana Johanna Velasquez

Happy Birthday to some wonderful Sagittarians in my life

Lori: Dave: Samantha: Jim Cuddy (no, I don’t know Mr. Cuddy personally ;))

have a fabulous birthday Sagittarious and an awesome year ahead….   

(c) Greta McKenzie Astrology 11/19/2019

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