Astrological Event: Saturn Turns Retrograde

Date: April 29 2019  to September 18 2019

Sign: Capricorn

What does it all mean?

  • Saturn is the planet of restrictions, duty and authority.. He rules Capricorn, is connected to the 10th house:
  • Capricorn is the sign of discipline… she is good at climbing the “corporate ladder” … she can be kind and generous, but also cold and distant… always a fabulous sense of humor though… 🙂 Capricorn is ruled by Saturn… the effect may be stronger or longer lasting, especially for folks who have a strong Capricorn/Saturn chart influence. 
  • This can be a good time to re-assess our beliefs, ethics and the values we live and work by.
  • This is a time for re-flection… a good time look within, where we may gain insight and wisdom that seems to have been “missing” of late… 
  • Check out all those unfinished projects “hanging around” the house and office… it’s a good time to get organized… get rid of the projects and ideas that are not going to work and focus on finishing up the ones that will
  • Folks who are well-behaved citizens, who follow the rules and have a strong positive “connection” with those in authority, could feel a little “off-kilter” under this influence, but it’s not all bad… just look at this an opportunity to “loosen” up a bit… you are unlikely to go off the rails, and it could be a good opportunity for you to learn something new.


While we will all be affected slightly by this event…

Those with the following in their charts will feel the effects stronger.

  • Sun in Capricorn
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Ascendant in Capricorn
  • Saturn in Capricorn
  • Any planets or aspects to the 10th house
  • To a lessor effect: Sun in Cancer: Moon in Cancer: Ascendant in Cancer


copy write: Greta McKenzie Astrology : Updated 04/26/2019

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