Update: Mercury comes out of his “storm” Friday August 24… 😊 We can begin to move ahead again… If you have been taking notes during this retrograde/slow motion time period… have a look at them now and see if you still feel the same about the ideas you may have come up with… 

However, the following planets are still in retrograde motion:

Mars in ♑ to August 27
Saturn in ♑ to first week in September
Uranus in ♉, ♈ to into 2019
Neptune in ♓ to November 25
Pluto in ♑  to the end of September

NOTE: MERCURY TURNS DIRECT: August 18/19: Remains in storm until August 24. While some things may start to feel as if they are moving forward or ahead, expect delays until after the 24th. Communications should start to get better and run more smoothly… Transportation and Technical issues may not get solved completely, but they should get a little better… 😉 

Shiny blue Mercury sign on black . Stock Vector - 24012082
Copyright : dvarg

Mercury Retrograde… we hear and see this quite a bit in and out of the astrology world…. and sometimes Mercury gets a bad wrap when he goes retro… but it’s not all bad.. 🙂  When Mercury goes retrograde it would appear from our Earth’s prospective that Mercury is moving backwards….. hmmm no wonder he can cause some confusion…  Yet, if we can “respect” Mercury while he is in this position by applying the “rules” that fit with this circumstance, we can come out of this period with a smile instead of a frown… 🙂 

The “rules” are as follows… 

  • Pay attention to and do as many things possible with the two letters RE in front of the word… for example… REnovate: REdecorate: REdo: REcreate: REnew: 
  • Try not to begin any new projects: 
  • Might not be a good time to start a new relationship
  • May be a good time to renew a relationship (depending on personal chart data)
  • Try not to sign important documents. Exception renewing a mortgage, but be very careful about the small print. 
  • If you need to sign important papers, make sure you understand everything, if you don’t ask questions. 
  • Mistakes in communications and messages are highly likely during this period, so read and REread before you sign or commit. 
  • Expect delays in communications or in getting your questions answered. 
  • Expect misunderstandings in communications
  • Have patience when communicating
  • Have patience when waiting for a reply or an answer
  • New plans made during this time may not work out as planned or may need to be REdone at a later date

When Mercury is said to be in “storm” he is moving very slowly, the effects of the Mercury Retrograde will apply to a slightly lesser degree.

  • Mercury enters its “storm” on July 16 2018 {Write down new ideas with date and time they occurred, when Mercury is “back on track” go through them and discard the ones you know will not work, then see what you can do with the rest :)}
  • He goes Retrograde on July 25 (PT) July 26 (ET):
  • Mercury turns direct on August 18 @10:02 pm (PT) July 19 1:02 am (ET):
  • Mercury is clear of its storm August 24:


©Greta McKenzie Astrology update 08/24/2018

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