Planet Glyphs Button - Uranus Stock Photo - 350564 Copyright : Johnny Lye
  • Astrological “Event” Uranus Retrograde 
  • Date: August 7 2018 into 2019
  • Time: 12:48 pm (ET) 9:48 am (PT)
  • House (equal): 7th Relationships
  • Sign: Taurus

While this astrological “event” will have a slight effect on all of us, it will have a stronger, and longer lasting effect on those who have the following in their charts: 

  • Sun in Aquarius
  • Uranus in Aquarius
  • Ascendant in Aquarius
  • Mid-heaven in Aquarius
  • Uranus in 7th or 11th house
  • Uranus in Libra
  • Uranus in 2nd house (lessor effect, unless Taurus is strong in the chart)
  • Sun in Libra (lesser effect)
  • Sun in Taurus (lesser effect)
  • Sun in Leo (lesser effect)
  • Uranus in Leo (lessor effect)
  • Any aspects to Uranus

What does it all mean?

  • Uranus is the planet of shock, change and rebellion. He rules Aquarius. 
  • Retrograde, Uranus “appears” to be going backwards from the earth’s perspective. A good time to re-do, re-invent re-assess. 
  • Taurus is about material and emotional security… She is ruled by Venus… She takes her time and can have oodles of patience, but she has her limits… 
  • Some folks could feel slightly off kilter, as Uranus pushes us towards taking chances, making changes and moving on with our lives… Taurus on the other hand, may prefer to stay just where she is and let “nature take its course” 
  • Changes may be on the horizon, especially regarding close and or everyday relationships… 
  • While changes may seem to be unexpected, they have probably been brewing for a while
  • It can be a good time to act on ideas that have been in the making, 
  • We have a better chance of “seeing outside of the box”… lets open up our eyes and our minds to new thoughts, opinions and solutions
  • Erratic and or rebellious behaviour may be noted in some partners… likely not harmful, however, probably highly surprising
  • Restlessness in some relationships… 
  • Feeling bored with, or no longing connected to, certain partnerships
  • New relationships can happen, but keep in mind, you may be attracted to the uniqueness of the person/situation and may gloss over less desirable traits… are you looking for a  long-term or short-term relationship? Unions happening now have a higher chance of being short-lived. 
  • Relationship/Partnership break ups, separations and divorce’s can happen now. 
  • Finances may be slim, extra or up and down… For those who like to spend, and the budget is tight, it’s best to put a hold on the funds that you have, until things get brighter… the urge to spend could be strong…as could the urge to save…. It will all depend on the individual chart… A strong Taurus will likely prompt savings, where as a strong Aquarius may prompt a rebellious or a “devil-may-care attitude” towards money. 
©Greta McKenzie Astrology: august 6/2018

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