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  • Astrology “Event” Mercury comes to visit with Capricorn. 
  • Date: January 10 9:09 pm (PT)/11 12:09 am (ET) 2018 to February 1 2018

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  • Mercury is the planet of communications and technology, he is what makes us think. 
  • Capricorn is disciplined and career/vocational minded, she is and earth sign ruled by Saturn the planet of restriction and is connected to the 10th house, she is connected to the bones and teeth. 
  • Earth signs are solid, can be dependable and connected to the earth. They can also be stubborn and appear emotionally detached. 
  • Our thoughts may turn to matters of career or the direction we would like our career to be going in. 
  • We may think more about our duties, especially ones relating to our family, parents and grandparents. 
  • Our thoughts might be slower than usual. However, our mind should be able to grasp subjects about commerce and numbers. 
  • Being decisive should come easier to most of us and will definitely be of help to those with Libra/Venus influences. 
  • Be aware of feeling pessimistic or of viewing issues in a pessimistic manner… There is usually a solution to most things.
  • Being practical or coming up with doable solutions is highly probable right now.
  • Some folk may be tempted to put a price on just about anything and everything right now.. take care that emotions don’t get caught up in this mind-set though. 
  • Take advantage of this time to “climb the corporate ladder” study for new career options, or find that “perfect” job. 
  • This “event” will have a slight effect on all of us, but it will be stronger for those with the following in their charts. 
    • Sun in Capricorn
    • Mercury in Capricorn
    • Saturn in Capricorn
    • Saturn in Virgo
    • Saturn in Gemini
    • Mercury in Gemini
    • Mercury in Virgo
    • Mercury in the 10th house
    • Aspects to Mercury or the Sun or Saturn
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Copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology updated: January 2018



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