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Astrology and how it affects our daily life: Transiting Venus into Pisces January 2017

  • Astrological Event: Transiting Venus moves into the sign of Pisces
  • Date: January 2 around 11:50 pm (PT) January 3 around 2:47 am (ET) to Feb 1 2017
Venus goddess of love by kausa

What Does It Mean? 

  • Venus is the planet of beauty and money, She is the Feminine opposite to Mars
  • Venus rules Libra and Taurus
  • Pisces is compassionate, she can be naïve, She is also one of the dual signs 
  • Pisces is ruled by Neptune
  • Pleasing others is easy to do under this influence
  • on the flip side… being taken advantage of is also easily done now
  • Falling in love for the sake of love could be in the cards for some
  • Easy going, gentle folk may become “absorbed” into the personality of their mate… take care not to lose your identity just to please another
  • Smoothing over the rough spots in relationships could feel very important to some right now.
  • watch out for “little white lies” that turn into bigger not so white lies down the road
  • Take care to watch for those who are only out for their own best interests and who are happy to use charm to satisfy them.
  • Watch the budget as it’s easy to hand over money or help out the less fortunate under this influence
  • Spending money on strays or adopting puppies and kittens may be on the agenda for some.
  • When life is looking “ugly” or feeling too “scary” escapist routes such as alcohol consumption, drug use, over eating, sleeping too much, may be  easy to fall into for some.
  • All will be affected by this influence in some form or another… but the folks who have the following in their charts will feel the “Venus effect” stronger: 
  • Sun in Pisces
  • Sun in Taurus
  • Sun in Libra
  • Venus in Pisces
  • Venus in Libra
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Venus in the 7th house
  • Venus in the 12th house
  • Aspects to Venus
  • Midheaven in Libra or Taurus
  • Ascendant in Pisces, Libra or Taurus

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