• Astrological Event: The Sun Moves into the Sign of Capricorn
  • Date: December 21 2015
  • Element: Earth
  • Polarity: Feminine (This sign may be more introverted and sensitive)
  • Quality: Cardinal (Gives this sign the ability to change or adjust when needed)
  • House: 10th, House of Career and Public Image
  • Ruler: Saturn: Planet of Restriction and Discipline
Illustration of Beautiful Woman Cartoon Character and Capricorn Horoscope Zodiac Sign Stock Vector - 15805601
http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : Igor Zakowski

What Does it Mean? 

  • Capricorn people are hard-working and can usually be relied upon to what is required of them as they are duty bound.
  • The career can be the focus of the Capricorn person and they will work long hours to put their best foot forward or to climb the corporate ladder. 
  • Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the planet of restrictions, and is connected to the bones and teeth. 
  • Capricorn folk can be stubborn when the want to
  • Rules and Regulations or those in authority are usually respected by those with a strong Capricorn influence, who make strong authority types themselves. 
  • Good at being organized and disciplined where work or business is concerned. 
  • A strong sense of tradition and respect for elders is a characteristic of the sure-footed goat. 
  • Thanks to all the hard-working, sensible, duty bound Capricorn out there for keeping things running and on track….

The SGC Team wishes a very Happy Birthday to: Michelle, Gitta & Natalie.

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http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : stockshoppe

And to all who celebrate this sun sign.

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