Astrological “Event“: Transiting Neptune goes Retrograde

Date: June 12 2015 to November 18 2015

Time: 5:09 am (ET) 2:09 am (PT)

Planet Glyphs Button - Neptune  Stock Photo - 350563 Copyright : Johnny Lye

  • What does it mean?
  • Neptune is the planet of our dreams, day dreams and fantasy.
  • She can be psychic, compassionate and forgiving.
  • She can also be gullible and expect more than reality can provide.
  • The ruler of Pisces.
  • Neptune is romantic, nostalgic and magical.
  • Neptune also has a bearing on our immune systems, watch out for virus’s and toxins infiltrating our body and our eco-systems.

Neptune Retrograde: 

  • We can reach within ourselves now, making this a good time for internal healing. However, those with strong Pisces/Neptune traits, should take care not to allow themselves to get too carried away into the world of dreams 🙂 … 
  • Healers, nurses, counselors and those who work for the common good may feel more connected or at peace with the work they do. 
  • Getting things ticked off of the “bucket list” should go easier under this influence.. 🙂 
  • For some, the harshness of reality may be a challenge to deal with on a everyday basis. Being aware of the method of “escapism” used is recommended for those who have negative reactions to alcohol, certain foods or prescription drugs. Staying connected with a grounded type personality may help.
  • Taking care of our health and being aware of the beauty/work of mother nature is recommended. 
  • This Astrological “event” will have a slight effect on all of us, but will have a stronger effect on those who have any of the following in their birth charts:
  • Sun in Pisces:
  • Moon in Pisces:
  • Neptune in Pisces:
  • Ascendant in Pisces:
  • Mid-heaven in Pisces: 
  • Aspects to Pisces: 
copyright: Greta McKenzie astrology 06/03/2015

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