This “thought” is being shared by Dayle and her recent experience on a day out shopping.    ☺

“It seems to me we as a people have become very demanding, and have lost patience with the world around us.
 I had a moment tonight that reminded me we should never let frustration get the better of us.
My family was leaving Wal-mart, my 4yr old as always holding on to the cart while we walked.  As we crossed, we heard an SUV honking his horn loudly and rudely at a car that was pulled over waiting for someone. (I had the feeling he had been trapped behind the car for quite some time due to traffic , both foot and vehicle). After we crossed I realized  that my daughter was now opposite me on the outside, I asked her to please come over to the inside. But even as I said it, I decided to and get her myself. I’m glad I did because lo and behold the SUV gunned its way around the corner and up our isle. Had I not gone to her side, it would have been a close call for my child. Fortunately the driver saw me and swerved around us and everyone was okay.
At the time I would have loved to share some excellent examples of expletives had there not been “little ears” present. Now I realize I can relate to this driver.   He’s probably not a bad guy. I doubt he was best pleased when he realized there was a little girl around the corner.
Have we not all had times in our lives when we have been so “ticked” at someone or something we didn’t take care the way we should have? I have. We all have. We’re human. And as we are human we have the ability to make a choice in future.
Lets slow down and breathe. Getting upset and frustrated doesn’t get us around the corner any faster, it just makes us act foolish. Nothing is accomplished in the end. For my part I will try to take this lesson to heart.
*♣* Please lets all (try) to be patient. *♣*
You never know if just around the next comer there is a parent’s heart and joy in wait.☺”
Comment from: Editor:
Thanks Dayle for sharing your experience and thoughts with us. And yes it certainly seems at times that we forget there are other people around us. Living in our bubbles of work, family and stress, we sometimes do not see those around us who are also in their own bubbles… oh what a crazy circle we weave… Breath and slow down once in a while, catch a glimpse of life around you… people, plants, animals and trees…☺
Oh and Enjoy the Day…☺

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