King Arthur and Queen Gwenevere

These fabulous cards are great for any occasion and are blank inside so you can add your own words. 🙂 The detail is amazing. These are for sale for $3:00 and include shipping and applicable tax’s.

King Arthur: “The myths concerning Arthur are well-known and tend to cloud historical facts and dates, but there are good reasons for believing that he was a real person, as well as a legendary figure”.   The Artist of this card is Marion Blanchett.

Queen Gwenevere:Gwenevere was the wife of King Arthur, High King of Britain. There is no record of her ever having had any children, but there is a legend of her love for Launcelot, King Arthur’s greatest Knight”.  The Artist for this card is also Marion Blanchett.

Don’t Forget!!! 🙂 We will reimburse you the shipping costs if your order is picked up… If we don’t have to pay for shipping neither do you… 🙂

Please fill out the form below. Once we recieve your order we will contact you via email. Once final payment and delivary options have been finalized your order will be completed.


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